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FrequentlyAsked Questions for import shipmentsQ: I am a foreigner come for work in China, Whatdocuments will be required for household goods import to China?
A: We will need your Original passport, Residence permit valid for more than one year, Original work permitif residence permitis obtained due to employment in China.Other documents we will prepare and need your signature.
Q: Could your company help me import my motor vehicles?
A: We could help you importone new or used car per personif the import permit was approved by customs. But you must pay full import duties on vehicle, and an importpermit must be obtained before shipment arrival.
Q: I have many Antiques, art effects,carpets and paintings want to import, could I take and What is the specificregulations for ?
A: Yes,you could take, but Oriental antiques and objects must be declaredin detail, otherwise re-exportation may be prohibited.
Q: If I will take my dog to China, could you handleclearance and What documents required?
A :Yes, we could do import clearance for dogs, you need to provide the dog’s Health certificate and Original certificate of rabies vaccination
Q: I have some alcohol want to take, will it have duties?
A: Yes, sure. Duties and taxes for alcohol are extremely high. We suggest you not to include wine and spirits inthe shipment.
Q: If I select your company asour mover, will you do clearance by yourself or you will consign another agentfor clearance?
A: We will clear the goods by ourselves, as we have ourown customs certificate and we are major in household goods import and exportclearance.  
Q: Do you need me to present to the customs whendoing clearance? Could you store our goods after clearance, as I need on travelfor 1 month.
A: It is no need you present for clearance and we could store your goods in our warehouse till yourgreen light for delivery, as we have our own warehouse could keep your goodssafely.
Q:  Could I book with you on your website and does it have some discountbooking online?
A:  Yes, our website: www.trustmover.com.cn, please register to our member and you could enjoyour member discount price.
Trustmover Note: Customs regulations can change at any time with or without notice. Thisdocument is provided as a guide and for information only. While Trustmover has exercised reasonable care in publishing thisdocument, Trustmover makes no representation, eitherexpressed or implied, as to its accuracy or applicability.
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