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如果哪位国际友人想要搬家到中国,或搬回自己的国家,信茂绝对让你全程无忧地完成您的搬迁,让您感受最优质的服务与最专业的服务质量。选择信茂,搬家无恼。(If any international friends want to move to China, or to move back to their own country, Trustmover never let you throughout worry to complete your relocation, enabling you to experience the best quality service and most professional service quality. Select the letter of Mao, moving without annoying.
Major Process of Global Moving
1. Make a pre-move survey and write down your demands
2. Sign contract and confirm the moving date
3. Before moving, to protect walls and floors, supervisor will check them and workers will   make proctection. You are request to write a inventory of important things and put those
expensive things properly.
4. Profesional packing
5. Check floors and walls again.
6. While loading goods to the truck, supervisor will check the goods according to the packing list.
7. Take away your original passport and other documents required for customs declaration and give them back to you in 3 days.
8. Ship the goods to your destination
9. Our agent will clear customs and deliver goods to your house.
Trust Mover prides itself on providing the best possible relocation services. However, occasionally, even with the greatest care and attention, damage or loss may occur. We therefore recommend you enroll in  "All Risk" protection coverage.
We do not move anything flammable, combustible, explosive, corrosive, or having the potential for Leakage, ,including, but not limited to.
具体信息欢迎咨询(Specific information on welcome to consulting
无论您是需要市内、国内、国际搬家、办公室搬迁,还是古玩、古旧家具的运输、仓储;无论是您的私人行李物品,还是货物的进出口;无论您是需要陆运、海运还是空运;无论您是需要整箱还是拼箱,信 茂都将为您提供专业的海关法律、法规及有关手续的咨询和专业的国际运输全程服务。
   从您选择信 茂开始,信 茂的销售代表将上门现场看货并协助您制定最科学、经济实用的搬迁方案,在其后的拆卸、包装、装箱、运送至目的地、安装、直至客人顺利收货的过程中,



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