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·        学校与课程宣传推广
·        负责招收国际留学生与本地中国留学生
·        与学生进行良好有效的沟通
·        性格外向,能与学生建立良好的关系
·        熟悉使用微信公众平台,FB, 等等相关媒体推广相关课程和学校信息
·        负责规划国际留学生及本地学生教育规划
- 为学生或学生家长提供教育咨询服务,收集资料
- 制定适合学生个人的学习教育计划

·        大专或以上学历
·        有良好的沟通交流与顾客服务技能
·        有责任心,对教育行业有相关经验与知识,或者对教育行业充满热忱
·        具备社交组织能力,并且能够同时进行不同的工作
·        具有凝聚力与信息推广能力
·        能够独立完成工作,也拥有积极合作的工作态度
·        擅长网络社交媒体
·        熟悉加拿大教育体制 (BC省教育体质)
·        熟练 Microsoft 软件Word,Excel,PowerPoint
·        中英文对话写作流利
·        工作积极认真,学习能力强
·        有一年以上教育/行政管理经验者优先

请把简历与求职信(cover letter)发送至hr@createcareer.ca。谢谢

Marketing Assistant and Experienced Student Advisor  

Job description: Full time

Job responsibility:
·        Assist marketing manager promote our school
·        Responsible for recruiting international student(Asian and South American market)
·        Report and communicate with managers and staffsconstantly
·        Communicate with variety of schools and students
·        Outgoing personality and know how to networkwith student
·        Build and manage the school’s WeChat, Facebookand some other social media profiles;  promoteand present school information and relevant programs
·        Create and make educational plan for both localand international students
-       Provide educational counselling service forstudents or parents
-       Create personal study plan for every student

Job Requirements:
·        College education or above
·        Good communication and customer service skills
·        Be responsible, experience and knowledge ofeducation, or passion in education
·        Strong organizational skills and an ability tomulti-task
·        Strong interpersonal, communication andpresentation skills
·        Confident of working both independently andcooperatively
·        Good at operating social media
·        Familiar with BC provincial educational system
·        Familiar with MS Office software (Word, Excel,PowerPoint)
·        Fluent in both speaking and writing in Englishand Chinese
·        Be positive at work and have strong learningskill
·        1 or more years’ experience ineducation/administration/immigration agency settings is an asset
If you are not equipped with all the above-mentionedrequirements, but as long as you are a hard-working and humble learner as wellas obtained an honor degree by an acknowledged North American university, andyou could provide a transcript from the school. We still would consider you asa potential candidate.
Please Email your resume and cover letter to hr@createcareer.ca,only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Thank you.


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